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"Wildlife development" reveals Saudi Arabia's relationship of baboons to its practices and "greatness"

“Wildlife development” reveals Saudi Arabia’s relationship of baboons to its practices and “greatness”

The National Center for Wildlife Development in Saudi Arabia has refused to make any announcement regarding “baboons” with malaria, pointing out that the main source of data is only its official media channels.

“For months, we have been implementing a program to assess the damage caused by the increasing number of monkeys, with the aim of assessing the damage caused by the increasing number of monkeys. Finding common, and appropriate solutions to control this damage.”

He pointed out that he “worked to deploy field teams, take samples, document their locations using GPS devices, and create an information base, and use advanced techniques to explore the spatial size of teams.”

He explained that the team also includes scientists, specialists, scientists and veterinarians who specialize in primate science. Once the field study is completed, the team will work on integrated programs and awareness campaigns to address the problem of baboons, reduce their numbers and recover them. To their natural environments and to create ecological and natural balance.

In conjunction with the project, the center conducted awareness campaigns to change the way baboons should not be fed, waste should not be dumped, should not be dumped in homes, and should live outside the environment.

On the other hand, a British doctor warned that more cases of monkey flu in the UK could be diagnosed on a daily basis.
Speaking to BBC One, Britain’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Susan Hopkins said: “We are finding more and more cases on a daily basis and I would like to thank everyone who came before the test, the GPs and the emergency department.”
Asked if epidemics are rampant in the UK, Hopkins said: “Of course we see cases of no specific contact with a person from West Africa, which is something we have seen before in this country.”
The first case was reported two weeks ago in 2022, with the UK Health Care Agency saying it belonged to a man who had recently returned from Nigeria.

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