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Will a co-worker decide on the amount of your salary?  This is especially true at the Argentine software company

Will a co-worker decide on the amount of your salary? This is especially true at the Argentine software company

At regular meetings, employees determine income three times a year. At meetings, anyone can propose a pay rise. This effort is then discussed all together.

The 10 Pines philosophy is based on a flat hierarchy and openness to staff. After a three-month probationary period, newcomers to the group have the opportunity to attend meetings, in which almost everything is addressed and determined – clients, expenses, finances or salary.

There is no director or executive position in the company, but there are senior positions in the structure that are nicknamed “masters”. “We don’t want to have wage inequality in the United States,” says company founder George Silva. “Because we don’t have bosses, we give power to the people.”

“It’s not about knowing how much everyone earns, it’s more about knowing who earns the most – it’s a step, isn’t it?” BBC Ariel Umansky. An employee of the company has denied pay rises twice in the last five years – pHe cannot defend it in front of his colleagues. “I felt insecure – I had to be on the same level or higher than people I thought would perform better than me,” Umansky admitted.

British coach Ben Witter sees the benefits of such an approach mainly with differences between women and men in the workplace. At the same time, he points out that a similar philosophy does not have to work with more employees. This can be detrimental to introverted individuals. However, 10 Bynes trusts its structure and gradually improves the whole process.

10 Bynes is a Buenos Aires technology company founded in 2010 with 85 employees. He mainly deals with software development, for example application development. Customers include brands such as Starbucks and Burger King. Half of all profits go into employee pockets each year. Society calls its approach sociology.

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He was inspired by the transformation of Brazilian businessman Ricardo Chemler and the company Chemco, which started most of the internal affairs by the staff. Maverick in a successful attempt at the semler! Wrote the book.

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