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Will Britain's Queen Respond to Polls?

Will Britain’s Queen Respond to Polls?

Will Britain’s Queen Respond to Polls?

Monday – 15 Shawwal 1443 Hijri – 16 May 2022 AD Release number. [

Prince Charles sits in front of the royal crown at the House of Lords (AP)

London: “Middle East”

According to London’s Metro newspaper, one in three Britons believes it’s time for the 96 – year – old Queen Charles to step down as king after several months of health problems. Polls show that if the Queen decides to step down and allows the Prince of Wales to take over, he will have more support than ever before.
Yugov poll for The Times found that less than half of respondents believe the Queen should remain in office for the rest of her life. Within a week of being described by government analysts as a fundamental shift towards regency, 34% said they believed the queen should retire.
This is the first time since the referendum began nearly two years ago that there has been a decisive change in the direction of public perception that it is time for the Queen to step down. The majority have long believed he should rule as long as he lives, but this week opinion has moved dramatically.
The absence of the Queen was a key moment for the monarchy as it formally opened the British Parliament for the first time since 1963.
The presence of Charles at the forefront of the ceremony indicates the future in which he will rule as king or on behalf of his mother.
In the year that celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen’s reign, the perception is growing that it is not possible to return to full normal duties.
Earlier this week, the BBC’s state correspondent Peter Hunt said the heir was ready to become a real regent. Prince William will notice what awaits him. As the queen gradually withdraws from public life, the palace is eager to prove that the monarchy is completely safe in the hands of father and son. The Queen has had to cancel several official engagements in recent months due to numerous medical complaints.
In October 2021 the Queen spent a night in the hospital and underwent a medical examination.
Buckingham Palace is silent on the Queen’s health, but says it is due to problems with the Queen’s health and accidental relocation.

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