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Fotbalistka Alex Morganová a její dcera

Will mothers be allowed to play children in the Olympics? The problem has a complex solution

Alex Morganová is one of the most famous and beautiful soccer players in the world. At the start of the epidemic in May last year, she became a mother for the first time, and her daughter, Charlie, was born.

“It is important to allow mothers to have children with them.” Morgan said in early April. Now, however, it is impossible to determine whether he will be able to take his daughter with him to the Olympics in Japan.

The question still remains as to whether spectators will be accepted into the games. The US women’s national team star understands the decision, but is unsure what it will mean given the family situation. The footballer’s husband is Servando Carrasco, who also plays in the third-highest league in America.

“I still hope to have a daughter with me in Japan, as well as someone who watches her during matches and training,” Morgan went on to talk about maternity issues with professional athletes.

A similar situation occurred last month at the NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship, which also included children in player and staffing numbers. The coaching staff had to decide whether to accompany the children or other staff to the tournament.

Hot soccer player Alex Morganova is great with the ball:

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