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Will Musk remove the problems of Apple and Google?  Don't worry about application fees

Will Musk remove the problems of Apple and Google? Don’t worry about application fees

Elon Musk’s thoughts on Twitter’s new look are completely different. The whole company Completely reorganizedAnd the Organized by Fungi Street Bidvm introduced a new format Twitter Blue SubscriptionIt is expensive, however, it offers additional benefits. Thus, the new subscription should increase the company’s profits, as Musk came across a well-known fact that selling mobile applications is relatively easy for business operators, such as Google or Apple. And he doesn’t care.

In his latest tweet, Musk called iOS and Android a monopoly and the app is a hidden tax on the internet. However, it is a discussion in the context of the feud between Epic Games and Apple. They got into trouble with regard to the popular game Fortnite, which circumvented the rules of the App Store, for which it was kicked out of the store. As a result, companies began to sue each other.

Twitter’s new editor is now at a crossroads, whether it’s getting into the host app business with jet thrust. On the other hand, he risks that Twitter may eventually suffer the same fate as the first Fortnite game, but has not yet taken any concrete steps against the app stores. Basically, he continues to support Epic since the dispute began.

outlet CNBC It reported that Phil Schiller, the head of Apple’s App Store and its former marketing editor, was recently deactivated on Twitter. He has hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter. Apple’s current editor, Tim Cook, didn’t respond on Twitter, and he did, too Regularly.

Splitting Apple and Twitter will hurt both sides. Apple regularly uses Twitter as its main marketing platform when introducing new products, for example, I love its button animation. In turn, Musk announced that Twitter’s total revenue for the past year was five billion US dollars (117 billion kwacha), and more than half of that is subscription revenue. So, in theory, Twitter will hand over hundreds of millions of dollars to Apple and Google in revenue from sales in their app stores.