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Will Prince Harry refuse to return to England and write the final chapter of his royal career?

Will Prince Harry refuse to return to England and write the final chapter of his royal career?

The British newspaper “Express” confirmed that Prince Harry’s decision to move to the United States with his 40 – year – old wife, Megan Markle, in 2020 could lead to her losing her place as one of the four people in the Queen’s. Elizabeth II’s advisers, especially if appointed as advisers or too many to replace the queen, were unable to perform her official duties as a sovereign on a temporary basis due to illness or travel abroad.

By law, heads of state are the Queen’s late husband and the next four heirs in the line of heirs over the age of 21, thus currently holding the positions of Prince Andrew, Prince Charles and children. Of William and Harry.

However, state experts say Harry could be removed from the presidency in a few years due to UK law, as he could lose his place in both families and be disqualified for the post.

The newspaper pointed out that parliamentary action was needed to remove anyone from the presidency, and state expert Daniela Elser said it was “the final nail in the coffin” for Harry after leaving royal life.

He said his removal from parliament as a royal adviser would really be the final nail in Harry’s coffin and his former life as a key member of the royal family.

Prince Harry avoided visiting his homeland on several occasions, especially his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II’s illness and his father’s invitations to visit the kingdom, and in addition, he refused to invite his family. He attended the first Christmas party with his grandmother after his grandfather, Prince Philip, left last April, and the disappearance prompted some experts to believe that the family might decide to remove Harry from his last royal post, which could lead to the removal of the Queen’s adviser.

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