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Will Real Madrid lose administratively to Getafe?.. A mistake in replacing Asensio raises controversy | sports

The match between Real Madrid and its guest Getafe in the Spanish Football League witnessed a controversial arbitration case that could cause the “royal” club to lose the three points.

Real Madrid defeated Getafe 1-0, and Marco Asensio scored the goal in the match that took place yesterday, Saturday, at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, for the 33rd round of the Spanish League.

At the 84th minute, Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti decided to replace Asensio and push his colleague Alvaro Adroyosola, but Edward Camavinga’s injury changed his plan.

Several photos and videos circulated on the communication sites of the situation, which sparked great controversy regarding the issue of whether or not Asensio would leave the borders of the stadium, before Adriosola descended.

The pictures show that Ancelotti asked his player, Asensio, to stay in order to remove Camavinga instead of him, and here began the controversy that reached the possibility of Real Madrid losing the match, according to the newspaper.Mundo Deportivo(mundodeportivo) Spanish.

According to the newspaper, “The change is considered valid from the moment the substitute enters the field, and at that time the departing player becomes a substitute, and during that the match can be resumed.”

Accordingly, the newspaper considers that Asensio’s stay on the field is a legal violation that could cast a shadow on Real Madrid.

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She added that Martinez Monoeira, the referee of the arena, should have prevented Asensio from continuing on the field, noting that Real Madrid was supposed to complete the match with 10 players.

Meanwhile, the same newspaper confirmed that the Spanish Football Federation would not move a finger in this crisis as long as Getafe did not file a complaint in the incident.

The Madrid club must go to the Spanish Federation with a complaint before two o’clock in the afternoon, Spanish time, the day after tomorrow, Tuesday, if it wants to move the case.

The newspaper confirmed that if Getafe filed a complaint, Real Madrid would lose the match administratively, 0-3, with a fine of up to 10,000 euros in accordance with the provisions of Article 79 of the Disciplinary Code.

On the other hand, newspaperdem(Marca) The Spanish said that there is no fear for Real Madrid, given that Asensio did not leave the field in the first place.

And “Marca” believes that the match referee did not commit any error, and therefore Getafe has no right to claim anything.

Real Madrid rose to second place temporarily in the La Liga standings table, with 71 points, while Getafe is in 18th place, with 34 points, and is one step closer to relegation.

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