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Will Russia occupy Ukraine? Putin tests Biden, Kiev armor for an analyst

I don’t think the serious risk of wolves erupting is a threat, ”said Wissinger at Rosstall. Of course, there could be an incident that would somehow escalate and then drag both states towards the wolf, and there is no denying that they would not have lost it.

Wissinger said he had not seen Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky or the head of Russian and Ukrainian commanders. According to him, various theories have developed, and for Russia it is increasing its military presence at the entrance to the Ukrainian border.

Putin is playing for power in Russia

The first weight is that the Russians put some kind of pressure on Ukraine and NATO, especially the new administration of the United States and President Biden. They want to test Pythagoras because his anti-virus policy is so strong. Vladimir Putin wants to see how much Biden’s mind is really in the world and how rotary it can be, says MN Wissinger.

He gave a somewhat conspiratorial theory that in Ukraine, someone, probably not President Zhelensky, but someone from the Ukrainian political-military establishment, might have developed the idea of ​​trying to provoke a border cross-country wolves. The analyst said that Ukraine would ask NATO or the United States for help in the hope that the American would come to the rescue.

Of course, there is no denying that even in Russia there may be similar tastes that want to provoke a conflict on the border, Wissinger continues. We must not forget that Russia has not fulfilled a single path that President Vladimir Putin controls everything. There are also different interests of the group, some of which may seek conflict. So it pays in both Russia and Ukraine.

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America does not go for wolves

Below are the Kremlin power struggles, sometimes they are T, sometimes less intense. This is part of a power struggle in which I decide who will succeed Vladimir Putin.

The position in the region is being strengthened by the United States, which sent the world to the Black Sea. Luke Wissinger thinks that the Americans will send a ship to show that Ukraine is not completely indifferent to them. They were sent there to monitor the situation so that in the event of an escalation they could go somewhere in favor of Ukraine.

But if a conflict really erupts there, I think the US will be limited in supplying weapons, at most it could offer something similar to some instructors, perhaps even the elderly. But if anyone in Ukraine really thinks an American brigade tank is coming, the analyst says it really isn’t, noting that Rousseau is strengthening his presence in the region.

The Russians even send ships to the area, the canal moves to the Black Sea, the ships come from the Caspian Navy, the researcher says.

But Wissinger did not think the conflict would be immediate for a few days or weeks. The thing is, there are columns on the roads, military vehicles on the trains, lots of photos of it. Russia obviously wants to see it, of course there is no preparation for an invasion, it will look different, it proves that Russia wants to push, intimidate, provoke, try, but not really pour.

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Ukraine wants Donbass back

According to Luke Wissinger, there is no immediate wolf danger about Ukraine, but in the long run it will change me. According to a researcher at Rosstall, he outlined how he could have grown up. The Russians begin to withdraw their forces, which gradually penetrate into the city or into the former state of two.

But at the same time, I believe that Ukraine, or the Kiev administration, is trying to gain control of the Ukraine gateway, or so-called People’s Republics. So, on your horizon and trying to somehow recapture the Donbass in five years, Wiesinger is considered.

According to him, this may happen at a time when the Ukrainian military is severely affected by the war. Ukraine now buys heavily armed military equipment from a variety of sources. Among other things, you can buy from Turkish drone fighters Baraktari, which have proven to be very successful on Upper Karabakh.

The Czech Republic is arming the Ukrainian military

The analyst points out that Dolm is the most important supplier of equipment to Ukraine for the Czech Republic. Ukraine has signed an agreement to supply self-propelled howitzers Dana M2. First the Ukrainian army should gradually move to Tatra Chase, which would mean huge profits for the Czech Republic. Here we will talk about thousands and tens of thousands of trucks for a long time.

In addition, according to Wisingra, the Ukrainian Air Force is modernizing tanks, air defense and John to modernize. Although it is still lost in the pocket oligarchy, there is only the furnace to see a sharp change in the capability of the military, which in a few years will appear to be a very strong difference.

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In addition, according to him, we have to deal with the fact that on the side of Ukraine there will be more involvement in some other countries. Apart from Poland, it will be mainly Turkey. Today, it represents the largest foreign investor in Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine seems very difficult.

Scn from Nhorn Karabakh?

Thus, within five years of the Donbass, Whisinger assumes that the scene from Norn Karabakh will recur. In the recent conflict, despite Russian influence in the military, Turkey was the first to help Turkey withdraw from the military occupation.

According to the analyst, in a few years, Turkey may be bound by the same procedure used by Vladimir Putin for Ukraine’s entry into the Donbass. The Turks sent their unmarked troops with technology so they had no one there and could say they were volunteers.

Ukraine would not have been so weak at the time, they could have been represented by European and world powers, including Poland, Turkey or the Czech Republic, and the researcher concludes that it might find itself in the most appropriate situation and look favorably.

Does Ukraine want to withdraw Crimea? How will the Ukrainian military stand up to the conflict with Russia? Speculation by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky? Luke Wissinger, a military and security analyst at Rosstall, also spoke.