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Will the new Skoda Superb look like this?

Will the new Skoda Superb look like this?

The Czech automaker Škoda should introduce the fourth generation Superb in the near future. And we have a suggestion for what it might look like.

The Russian automobile site presents a vision of a new design for the flagship brand of the Mladá Boleslav brand. It was mainly inspired by the current design language of the automaker Škoda. We see the details in the concept, which is reminiscent of the Vision iV study from 2019, and the predecessor of the Enyaqu Coupé.

The new Superb’s styling is closer to that with its bow design, which features a similar bumper, similar radiator grille and familiar headlights. There is also a typical light strip connecting the lamps.

The inspiration is also evident when looking at it from behind. At the stern, we again find similarly shaped headlights, a similar bumper and even the same lighting elements in the form of a illuminated part of the bumper and a Skoda badge with backlights.

However, the overall look of the car is based on the current generation Superb. The aerodynamic wheels in particular add a modern touch to the familiar silence.

We do not know, of course, whether the new Skoda Superb will at least partially look like a design by a Russian designer. So far, we have only a few official sketches, which do not speak much about the appearance of the future flagship.

But we have little idea about technology. The next generation is expected to be the last to be introduced with internal combustion engines, but hybrid versions are also planned. And unlike the related Volkswagen Passat, which will only be available as a station wagon, the Superb retains two body variants. According to behind-the-scenes information, the fourth generation is being prepared for 2023.

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