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Will Verstappen retire from Formula 1?

Will Verstappen retire from Formula 1?

Verstappen is one of Formula 1’s biggest stars (Chris Grethen/Getty)

dutch pat, Max Verstappenthe driver of the Red Bull team, one of the most prominent stars of Formula 1 competitions during the past years, but sports fans She continues to ask her question about when he will announce his retirement, even though his contract expires in 2028.

After his third consecutive victory in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Verstappen spoke about his personal life, but he surprised everyone when he raised doubts about his future in Formula 1, after he hinted at the date of his retirement.

And the British “Sky Sports” network quoted, on Monday, the brilliant Dutch star in the world of Formula 1 racing, Max Verstappen, as saying: “I don’t know. But it also probably depends on how competitive we are in 2028.”

He added, “I still have time. I don’t want to make radical decisions at the moment, I want to do other things. Formula 1 racing is amazing. I’ve achieved a lot, I’m happy and proud of it, but there’s also a lot of traveling and a lot of racing.”

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The Red Bull driver explained: “At some point, what will be more important? Family is more important, or Formula 1? That’s when you want to make the decision.” It is noteworthy that Max Verstappen finished the season at the top of the drivers’ standings, 146 points ahead of Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, noting that he clinched his second world title four races before the end of the season.

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