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Will we see Windows 11? Check out the “rounded” Sun Valley update

With the advent of Windows 10, Microsoft claimed that this is the latest version of the operating system. In other words, this version will be updated and maintained in the future, but will not have a clear successor. Microsoft announced this weekwho presents “One of the most important Windows updates of the last decade.” This means that the update is so far referred to internally as Sun Valley. While Windows 10 was expected to be version 21H2, there has been speculation in recent days that the US giant will choose a different name – very likely Windows 11: that would tell Microsoft that this is a really important upgrade.

Light passing through the logo may also indicate dual screen, split screen, or any other upcoming feature

Proponents of the theory that Windows 11 will be introduced on June 24 point to two indicators. First, the official graphic that tempts the show, which shows the light passing through the Windows logo. However, it creates on Earth a form that does not correspond to the emblem itself, divided into four parts. Instead, shadows on Earth should form the number 11. Additionally, the press conference is scheduled for 11:00 ET. It doesn’t have to be a coincidence. The question remains whether Microsoft really wants to provide us with the numbering of the operating system, or just try to raise awareness of upcoming performance. Remember that many brands, including Apple, hide in their teasers various indications of upcoming products.

Whatever news we see on June 24th, the Sun Valley update will likely bring the biggest design changes since the introduction of Windows 10. The user interface should undergo various changes, some of which are taken from the scrapped operating system. Windows 10x. At first glance, the visible change should be the rounded corners of the application windows (applies to Win32 and UWP) and other elements.

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Round edges are also common today, for example, in the mobile operating system or in Apple’s competitor macOS, but we can remember them from Windows 7 or Windows Vista. With the publication of the Metro design, the corners are back, which will now be rounded again.

There have been many tastings of Sun Valley’s update in the past. In the latest screenshots, which should come from a keynote at the recent Microsoft Build 2021 developer conference, we can see the changes to Outlook, Teams or Edge examples. In addition to the rounded corners, we can also note the modified environment for the buttons to minimize, maximize and close the window.

As the screenshot of the task view function shows, the context menu called up with the right mouse button will also get a more modern look with rounded corners.

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