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William and Kate rush to Scotland.  He must save the United Kingdom!

William and Kate rush to Scotland. He must save the United Kingdom!

Foreign media have reported that Prince William (38) and Princess Kate (39) have been asked to live temporarily in Castle Balmoral. Officials fear that Scotland may want to leave the union. Indigenous couples’ residence is part of the UK’s recovery strategy. Will it work?

There are fears in the UK that Scotland may want to secede from the union it has had for years. Following the recent victory of the Scottish National Party, the cause of the country’s independence has returned to the language of the people.

British politicians decided to use the Indigenous couple as a visual symbol of the relationship between England and Scotland. Will their plan succeed?

At first I argued with Harry and Megan, now with this. It seems that the British royal family will not be without problems soon.

The Times reports that government officials are concerned about the possibility of Scotland seceding from the United Kingdom, which has become a reality after the recent parliamentary elections. Scottish National Party leader and Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon is pushing for a second independent vote in the second half of the newly elected parliament.

Scotland is increasingly plagued by political struggles with England, so it is not surprising that the issue of secession from the British Union has re-emerged.

However, government officials came up with the idea of ​​benefiting from the recent success of the Indigenous couple. Their last voyage north helped defeat the Scots.

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According to the Times, William and Kate are set to spend more time at Palmoral Castle and St Andrews. That’s where the couple met during school days.

According to a source at Kensington Palace, state officials want the princes to identify with Scottish citizens.

Do you think the plan devised by the British politicians will achieve the desired result?