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William Shakespeare, the first man to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus, has died. Scientist had a stroke six months after the injection

Coventry The name William Shakespeare went down twice in history. For the first time in the seventeenth century thanks to the famous poet and playwright for the second time half a year ago. At the time, the 81-year-old artist became the second British citizen to receive a COVID-19 vaccine injection. But he died on Wednesday of a stroke.

“It’s a defining moment,” Shakespeare told Good Morning Britain on December 8 last year, after receiving his first dose of vaccination. “It could change our lives,” he added. He praised the vaccine and encouraged neighbors, according to his wife Joy, to get vaccinated as well.

Margaret Kennan, the first woman in Britain to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

Wednesday American New York Times Sad news spread, an Englishman named Bell died after suffering a stroke. He died symbolically in the University Hospital in Coventry, where he also received vaccinations. “He was very proud of himself,” Bell’s friend told reporters. “He would love to have a positive impact on people through the media,” she added. The family said Belle should be remembered in the world not only because of his name, but also as a great photographer and jazz lover.

The first person in Britain to get the vaccine was 90-year-old Margaret Kennan from Northern Ireland. Since then, it has been injected, according to BBC stations Another 38 million Britons. Vaccination is now available in the country for all residents over the age of 30. Shakespeare’s best friend said, “Bell’s greatest honor is being vaccinated.”

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