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Windows 10 will finally get new icons.  Some are still from the Windows 95 era

Windows 10 will finally get new icons. Some are still from the Windows 95 era

Windows 10 faces a huge change in appearance in the fall. We expect Microsoft to present design innovations at the Build Developer Conference, which will take place this month between May 25-27. The change in appearance will also include a new set of system icons, which have now been detected by the server Newer Windows.

Say goodbye to old icons

We were honored to see the first new icons in the March Insider Test, when Microsoft redrawn more or less of the visual icons in File Explorer. However, with the major update in the fall, a complete library replacement will come shell32.dll, Which also contains a bunch of old icons from the Windows 95 era. These icons can be seen in system menus across the system along with the new icons, so the environment often appears completely inconsistent.

Windows 10 2

Change the library shell32.dll It means that the source system icons will remain the same, and only their appearance will change. This means that icons such as the floppy disk drive or the 3.5 inch floppy disk itself will still be present in the system. You can still encounter it at this time if you try to manually update the device driver; Here we hope not only the icons are renewed, but also the system dialogs themselves.

Windows 10 Fall Update should bring an updated Start menu, Action Center, app window appearance, and design of some system apps, including Legendary Explorer.

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