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Windows 11 23H2 will likely be a small update. Windows 12 awaits us in a year – Živě.cz

We’ve known for a while now that Windows 10 works in the sense that there are no other major releases to wait for. Like we said on the live broadcast, it’s not a tragedy. On the other hand, we are still expecting 23H2 release in the fall for Windows 11. Now it is likely that Small symbolic update Unlike last year’s biggest event.

Let’s start with a summary. A year ago, there was informal talk that Microsoft would go back to a three-year development cycle and release new features in the current version in smaller packages up to four times a year. At the beginning of fall, John Cable, Vice President and Program Manager responsible for Windows Service and Distribution, revealed that a new major Eleven release awaits us next year.

Since it was so obscure, we could only speculate what Windows development would look like specifically. He could easily prepare a bigger update, but that would be very difficult if he wanted to release “Windows 12” next. One of the moments can easily be considered release 23H2, or rather, it could receive a smaller update in the meantime.

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The last few major releases of Windows 10 were based on the 2004 release

So there are more possible scenarios. Journalist Zach Bowden’s sources described earlier this year that Windows 11 23H2 will be just a small update, not unlike the last updates we’ve seen in Tens.

Build 22625? No, build 22631 is coming

It appears that will be the case. Known leaked account @tweet It revealed that Microsoft is cooking up the KB5027397 update. It’s a mini package It changes the system build number to 22631, that is, it will not bring new features on its own. It will activate those who are already in the system to the maximum, just in case they are sleeping for the time being. (In English we talk about an empowerment package.)

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Then there is the question of what version Eleven build 22631 will be. Build 22H2 is build 22621. All Moments, that is, smaller update packages, have been publicly tested by the manufacturer in the Insider program by adding a unit to this number with each subsequent Moment:

  • Windows 11 Build 22H2 Moment 1: 22622
  • Windows 11 Build 22H2 Moment 2: 22623
  • Windows 11 Build 22H2 Moment 3: 22624

These numbers are for testing purposes only, and the functionality tested here was later released by Microsoft in Build 22631, which is being distributed to the general public as Windows 11 22H2 Final Build.

Therefore, in connection with the upcoming fourth moment, we expected build 22625 to appear in the Insider program. But according to PhantomOfEarth, the number will advance to 22631. Obviously, this isn’t a very big step, but at the same time, the jump indicates that this update is at least officially more than just another moment.

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Moments focus on small improvements, not big changes.
Apparently, this will also be the case with version 23H2

According to the journalist Zack Bowden This confirms that Windows 11 build 23H2 will be a soft update. That is, it will be based on version 22H2, and switching to it means installing a normal service update. It seems that the full upgrade process is not waiting for us, and therefore we are not waiting for an avalanche of major news either.

At the same time, Bowden claims that according to his information, In the second half of 2024, we’re really going to see another big release windows. They will be Windows 12 if Microsoft continues with the numbering it started.

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On the Live Podcast, we speculated about what Windows 12 might look like:

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