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Windows 11 abandons a feature that has long benefited users technology

Microsoft launched the Windows 11 operating system in October 2021, and the operating system has gradually added more features aimed at making your computer a little better.

But this time the matter is different, as the “Windows” system from Microsoft will give up a classic feature that has existed for nearly two decades in PC keyboards, which is the “Print Screen” feature.

The Print Screen button on Windows computer keyboards automatically takes a screenshot and copies it so users can paste it into another application, such as drawing or photo-editing applications.

Now, with the upcoming Windows 11 update known as KB5025310, this feature will change, as the Print Screen button will open the Snipping Tool from Microsoft instead.

Microsoft explained it in Published on its blog along with other new features slated to roll out to members of its Insider program, which allows features to be tested before they’re released to the public.

This means that the “Print Screen” button will no longer automatically copy full screenshots, which leads to extra time-consuming steps for Windows users to take screenshots, as they will have to manually capture a screenshot in the Snipping Tool before copying and pasting it.

The “Print Screen” button began to appear on PC keyboards in the eighties (Reuters)

To restore the traditional functions of the “Print Screen” key, you must go to the settings on the computer running the “Windows 11” system, then go to the “Accessibility” section, and then “Keyboard”.

Then you have the option to toggle “Use Print Screen Button to Open Snipping Tool” on or off.

And “Windows” says that if you make this adjustment yourself in advance, your preferences will be preserved.

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Public opinions differed about this change, which he published location The Verge for the first time.

One Twitter user criticized this action, saying that “there may be things on the screen that can disappear or crash as soon as you open another application (in this case the Sniping Tool).”

Another user said, “Why can’t I take a screenshot and open it in the snipping tool for editing automatically?”, however another user described it as a “huge improvement in the quality of work.”

Printscreens, which began appearing on personal computer keyboards in the 1980s, are often named with an abbreviation to match the key, such as PrtSc or PrtScn.

It may require users to hold down the Alt key first if it shares the key with another function.

When it was first added to keyboards, PrintScreen captured the text that appeared on the screen and transferred it directly to a computer’s printer port for printing.

But the most common use in the past 20 years for this button is to take an instant screenshot of the user’s entire screen.