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Windows 11: An indicator for VPNs is finally showing

Windows 11: An indicator for VPNs is finally showing

A new update has been released for Windows 11 Insiders, and it contains a number of improvements. One of them is an indicator that allows you to quickly determine if your VPN is working. It’s a very useful addition.

With its updates, Windows 11 has continued to evolve gradually but steadily. Microsoft can now focus on the details to provide a unified experience for all users as the big fall push is complete. Build 25247, the latest Insider build, introduces several interesting changes.

One of them is related to VPNs. When this service is turned on in Windows Settings, a new icon superimposed over the Internet connection icon appears on the taskbar. You can tell your VPN is active if there is a small padlock.

Windows 11: You can quickly determine if a VPN is active

Please be aware that this Indicator Limited range at the moment. First of all, an Ethernet cable must be connected to your computer for it to work. In addition, Windows 11 is not a third-party VPN software. Nothing will change at the moment if you don’t meet the requirements.

Remember that a VPN enables you to change your connection status. You actually move to a different country than where you are. This allows, among other things, to use the most extensive broadcast platform catalog. Or the possibility of watching World Cup matches on international channels.

This new feature, which is really just a detail, is currently only available to Insiders. It should be available via an update at some point for everyone. Other small modifications are also available in this build. For example, many of the Settings windows have undergone redesigns to blend in with the rest of the operating system. This is the situation with the ability to rename your computer or downgrade to an earlier version of Windows. Details again, but it shows Microsoft’s desire to pay attention to even small details in the way their operating system looks.

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