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Windows update deprives computer users of an important feature

Friday May 6 2022 11:04 PM


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Some Windows 10 users have complained of problems with the screenshot tool after downloading an update for their computer’s operating system.

According to the information available, some users of Windows 10 systems went to Microsoft with complaints about the work of the Snip & Sketch screenshot tool, after downloading the update that was launched last February for their computer operating systems.

He mentioned in the complaints submitted to Microsoft that users of the mentioned tool are now unable to take a screenshot of their computer screens by pressing the (Win + Shift + S) keys as they used to before, after downloading the update (KB5010342) that was launched on February 8.

For its part, Microsoft has not officially announced how to deal with this technical problem, or when it will release software updates to deal with it.

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Microsoft had previously indicated that the update (KB5010342) that it released for Windows 10 systems brought with it some security features to protect computer systems from penetration, and also corrected some software vulnerabilities that affected the work of computers and the work of external tools associated with them.

It should be noted that CNews reported in mid-April that some Windows 10 and Windows 11 users had also complained of problems with browsers working on their computers after downloading updates for their operating systems.

Source: 4pda

Source : World news: Windows update deprives computer users of an important feature

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