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Windows updates can lead to a blue screen of death

Windows updates can lead to a blue screen of death

As a last resort, users may encounter a Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) while installing KB5001330. This usually ends with critical Windows errors.

Other users are complaining that they receive various error messages while installing the update. This is true even for Surface computers, which come directly from the US software giant’s workshop.

You might also come across posts where users are complaining that their screens started flickering after installing an update, or their game performance has dropped significantly – that is, they are not reaching the FPS in games as it was before the update. Installed.

From user reviews, it is clear that bugs do not appear to be widespread. It always depends on the specific hardware specifications of the particular desktop or laptop computer. For many users, the update will still install without any problems.

Serious crack

Despite the issues we described above, users should never delay installing updates. The update also includes a fix for a dangerous broken Windows operating system, which hackers can exploit to smuggle any malicious code onto someone else’s computer.

According to security analysts, this vulnerability could be exploited by many actors in the cyber threat field. “This is an exploit escalation of authorization found in the Desktop Window Manager that allows attackers to run any malicious code on the victim’s computer,” said Boris Laren, Kaspersky’s security expert.

Exploit is a special hacker program that allows a cyber attacker to exploit a fault in the system.