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Winning “Champions” does not replace me with Julia Roberts

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Manchester City may have qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals after its 7-0 victory over Leipzig, but it was arch-rivals Manchester United who beat Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola.

Erling Haaland was the star of the match, scoring five goals against Mainz, to advance Manchester City to the quarter-finals, winning the two-legged group of the round of 16 with a score of 8-1, but what attracted attention was Guardiola’s post-match statements.

The Manchester City coach revealed that he always felt a “failure” after he did not meet one of his favorite stars, Hollywood star Julia Roberts, when she came to visit Manchester in 2016.

In a strange development of his press conference, Guardiola expressed his regret that Julia had gone to the camp of the traditional rivals, and said: She came in that period, when we were better than Manchester United, those four or five years, and I went to visit Manchester United. You didn’t come to visit us.

So, even if you win the Champions League, this cannot be compared to the fact that Julia Roberts came to Manchester and did not come to see us. She is my favorite star.

Roberts visited “Old Trafford” in November 2016, however, Manchester United was unable to achieve the three points in their presence and contented themselves with a 1-1 draw with West Ham.

After that, Roberts met players from the team with her sons after the match.

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