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Winning the Premier League is more important than winning the Champions League

London – Manchester City coach Josep Guardiola believes that winning the English Premier League is more important than winning the Champions League, especially as the team is close to clinching the league title if it beats Chelsea on Sunday at the Etihad Stadium.

“The Premier League is the most important tournament. Because its competitions are held over a period of 10-11 months, on a weekly basis. We are fortunate to finish the competition on our land and in front of our fans,” Guardiola was quoted as saying by Sky Sports in a press conference today, Friday.

He added, “The last match is the most difficult because it witnesses a lot of emotions. We will not forgive ourselves if we become distracted.”

And he added, “Now, we know, we have three matches to win the title. Every match we win helps us in the next match.”

He explained: “We cannot forget the truth, what happened against Manchester United and Aston Villa in the past. Football is about momentary emotions. If we can win at home, we would love to do so.”

City may be crowned league champions for the third time in a row on Saturday if Arsenal loses to Nottingham Forest, or on Sunday by defeating Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium.

However, if Arsenal, led by coach Mikel Arteta, avoid losing at the City Ground, Manchester City will need to achieve the same result that Arsenal achieved when they meet Chelsea at the Etihad Stadium on Sunday in order to crown the title with two matches remaining before the end of the season.

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Guardiola emphasized that the team’s continued superiority is due to the effort made by the players, coaches and all staff.

Guardiola said: “As a technical director, I feel that I am part of a system, I never thought that this matter is up to me. I am part of this, I do not deny this, but without the amazing work of the sporting director or the council we would not have reached this. The players are the most important thing.”

He stressed, “I am part of this and feel very proud to be here again and to have matters in our hands. I am part of this. I am not the only person when we lose the semi-finals or the Champions League final. I do not feel that I am the only one responsible for this.”