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Winter equipment is already mandatory at sixteen locations in the Liberec region, Transportation News Liberecká Drbna

Winter equipment is already mandatory at sixteen locations in the Liberec region, Transportation News Liberecká Drbna

Due to the expected snowfall, road workers in the Liberec region have decided to activate the “mandatory winter equipment” traffic lights, starting Tuesday, October 13th. There are 17 road sections in the area with these signs, and 16 of them will be restricted. An exception is Route III / 2904 from Mníšek via Oldřichov in Háje to Raspenava, which was closed to traffic until the end of November due to a complete overhaul, said Jan Janáp, Head of Liberec District Transportation Department. Under standard conditions, even in the specified sections, the obligation to own a vehicle with winter tires applies from November 1 to the end of March.

In the Liberec region, motorists come across signs warning of mandatory winter gear, especially on roads in protected areas in the island’s mountains and the giant western mountains, where salt is not made. According to AP, meteorologists are now warning of snowfall. On sites more than 800 meters above sea level, up to 30 cm of snow can fall, which cars with summer shoes cannot handle.

Liberec is largely a hilly and foothill area, which requires winter maintenance. Therefore, more and more methods are being chemically maintained. This year, road workers will land about 822 kilometers of roads, nearly 40 percent of all regional roads. Silnice LK provides maintenance for a total of 2,064 kilometers of second and third class roads. It will only plow about 62 kilometers of roads this year. Recently, road workers will maintain a portion of the third-class road from the intersection with I / 15 to Blíevedly village.

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60 kilometers of regional roads will remain completely maintenance free in the region. “Most of them are third-class roads with little use and no public transportation.” Deputy Governor of Transportation said Jan Svetak (Mayors of the Liberec region). According to him, the exception is the 2nd degree road 290 from Desná to Smědava, which drives around Souš Dam in the Jizera Mountains and closes with the first snow for all traffic. “There won’t be any change there this year either.” Added.

Since 2008, winter maintenance in the Liberec region has cost an average of 117 million crowns per year. The most expensive was the winter of 2012/2013, when maintenance cost 153.5 million. According to Svetak, last winter was the second cheapest winter in the past 12 years, with the region costing 86.6 million kroner.

Overview of sections with “Winter Gear” signs in the Liberec area

  • II / 294 Rokytnice – Rezek – Vítkovice
  • II / 286 Vítkovice – Dolní Míseky – Horní Míseky
  • III / 28620 Jestřabí v Krkonoších – Rezek
  • III / 28624, 28626 Dolni Stepanice – Benecko – Merklov
  • III / 0143 Buřany – Františkov
  • III / 0144 Bratrouchov
  • III / 0146 Stromkovice
  • III / 29056 Paseky nad Jizerou
  • III / 28623 Poniklá
  • III / 28621 Víchovská Lhota
  • III / 28620 Hrabačov – Křižlice
  • III / 29019 Kořenov – Jizerka
  • III / 29022 Josephov Dole – Hrabites
  • II / 290 Desná – Souš
  • III / 29018 Dolní Kořenov – Horní Polubný
  • II / 290 Billy Potok – Smidava