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With 15 shells... Ukraine is "accused" of bombing the Zaporizhia nuclear plant

With 15 shells… Ukraine is “accused” of bombing the Zaporizhia nuclear plant

The Russian news agency “Tass” quoted Rinat Karcha, an advisor to the company’s director Russian nuclear energy “Rosenergo Atom”, saying that “Zaporizhia station Ukrainian controlled nuclear energy Russia Ukrainian bombing. 15 shells were fired.

He added that the shells were fired near a warehouse for nuclear waste Dry, the building houses new quantities of spent nuclear fuel, explaining that no radioactive emissions were monitored.

Mutual accusations

Zaporizhia station is the focus of mutual accusations between Russia And Ukraine, where the Ukrainian Energy Agency announced, on November 3, that the nuclear plant had stopped completely after it was damaged by what it described as “Russian bombing.”

And then she said KyivIn recent days, Russia has intensified its bombing of the area where the station is located.

The pro-Moscow authorities in Zaporizhia announced earlier that Russian forces had thwarted an attempt by the Ukrainian army to restore the Moscow-controlled Zaporizhia nuclear plant.

The Ukrainian nuclear energy company, Energoatum, also stated that the power was cut off from the plant after the Russian bombing.

The company said that the Russian bombing destroyed the remaining high-voltage lines, which means that the plant is now operating with working generators with fuel Just.

She added that the station, which is the largest station for nuclear energy In Europe, it has enough fuel to run generators for 15 days.

Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant

  • The station is located on the edge of the city of Energodar in southeastern Ukraine.
  • The station was designed a long time ago soviet union The former construction began in 1980.
  • The station contains 6 reactors called “hydro-hydro capacity VVIR-1000 V-320” reactors.
  • The reactors are water-cooled and their neutrons are also cooled with water, and they operate with uranium 235 whose half-life is estimated to be more than 700 million years.
  • Its sixth reactor was brought online in 1995.
  • She is the largest in Europe And one of the top 10 power stations In the world.
  • Each of the six Zaporizhya units has a net capacity of 950 MW, or a total of 5.7 GW, covering 20 percent of Ukraine’s consumption. for electricity.
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