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Se psem za hranice? To je složité. Třeba Británie ani Irsko je moc netolerují

With a dog outside? It’s complicated. For example, neither Britain nor Ireland tolerate them much

If you are not yet clear where to go with your dog, it is recommended that you choose countries where dogs love dogs and where you will have no problem visiting restaurants or hotels. According to travel server Tripadvisor, most countries in Europe are dog friendly. France is one of the most dog-friendly countries. Here you can be accompanied by a practical dog everywhere, except for museums. Dogs are also popular in Italy, where they can go to restaurants, shops, public transport and even some historical monuments. For example, in Spain, many hotels and restaurants do not allow access with dogs.

Ireland and the United Kingdom are also not very tolerant. In some countries, such as Germany, there may be a problem if the dog is a bull breed. In such cases, the State Veterinary Service (SVS) recommends asking your local veterinary authority in advance. In any case, it is necessary to know in advance whether the specific destination of your choice, whether in any country, does not have a problem with dogs.

If you have chosen a vacation in Europe, the dog must be provided with a passport. This will be issued by a certified and registered veterinarian for passport issuance by the Regional Veterinary Department. The dog must also have a chip (or legible tattoo made prior to July 3, 2011) and a clearly valid rabies vaccination. “An animal can travel for up to 21 days after it has been administered, or in the case of a revaccination, which occurred while the previous vaccination was in effect, it can travel immediately,” SVS spokesman Peter Vorliczek said.

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If you are traveling to Finland, Great Britain, Malta or Ireland, the animal must be dewormed 120 24 hours before entering the country. Holidays outside the European Union, which now includes the United Kingdom, must meet each country’s import requirements. In the countries of the European Union, the owner may be accompanied by a maximum of five animals, with the exception of participation in exhibitions and the like.