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With a great salary.. The British Embassy in Egypt is looking for a Climate Change Consultant

The British Embassy in Cairo is looking for someone to fill the position of “Climate Change Adviser” as an executive officer.

In a post on its official website, the embassy said it was important to work on climate and the environment, particularly at the British Embassy in Cairo, after the United Kingdom hosted COP26 and Egypt’s COP27 last November. The United Kingdom and Egypt are in full swing.

The Embassy added that the position of Climate Change Adviser will play an important role in the implementation of the climate partnership between the UK and Egypt and for this reason, details of the current COP 27 should be provided and followed up. In Sharm el-Sheikh, next November, ensuring that the legacy of COP26 is preserved.

The incumbent will play a key role in developing and delivering various climate initiatives for the British Embassy in Cairo, including environmental, energy and water related policies and programmes, ensuring mainstreaming of climate and environmental issues.

In terms of qualifications and skills required for the position, the applicant should have a master’s degree in a climate and environment-related field, knowledge or experience in program management and related skills.

Deadline for application and salary

Applications for this job close on August 28th, the hours are 36 hours per week, the salary is $2,277, and the job starts in October of this year.

A job holder must do several things, including:

  • Provide technical input when delivering the UK-Egypt climate partnership, including carbon reduction, mitigation and adaptation policy objectives, energy transition and nature-based solutions.
  • Build a network of trusted relationships with the Egyptian government, civil society and climate action partners to maximize the impact of UK diplomacy and programming. Providing advice and support to senior UK officials and ministers on climate issues.
  • Assess and design credible climate plans taking into account the UK’s comparative advantage, local context and sensitivities and Egyptian government priorities. Oversee implementation and delivery by engaging delivery partners and relevant government ministries.
  • Provide a co-ordinating function across all UK Government bilateral and multilateral climate interventions (including EBRD programmes, World Bank programs and working with the British Council).
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