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"بصورة مع التورتة" محمود حميدة يحتفل بعيد ميلاد ابنة شقيقه الراحل

“With a picture with the cake” Mahmoud Hamida celebrates the birthday of his late niece

The star, Mahmoud Hamida, is keen to share with his fans on social networking sites pictures of the family moments that bring him together with his family members, in addition to pictures from the scenes of his artwork and pictures of memories that admired his followers and demanded him to continue to share these special moments with them.

Mahmoud Hemida on Facebook

The artist, Mahmoud Hamida, published a picture of his late niece celebrating her ninth birthday, and Mahmoud Hamida shared the photo on his personal page on the “Facebook” website, and commented: “With Salma, my late niece Fayez, on her ninth birthday,” and the message of congratulations and praise for Mahmoud’s position continued. Hamida and his late niece’s birthday celebration.

Mahmoud Hamida and his niece
Mahmoud Hamida and his niece

Earlier, the artist, Mahmoud Hamida, published a picture of his late nephew on his personal account on the “Instagram” website, and he appeared celebrating with his brother, his brother, in a funny atmosphere, and commented: “With the beloved of my late nephew Fayez on his fourteenth birthday.”

Before that, the star Mahmoud Hamida decided to celebrate the birthday of his granddaughter “Maryam” in his own way, by publishing a picture of them embracing her through his personal account on the “Facebook” website, to send her a love letter with romantic words as an expression of his strong love for her.

Mahmoud Hamida said, in his message, which he attached to the photo in which he appeared embracing his granddaughter: “My granddaughter, Maryam, is the hero of the world. This is how I call her, and by that I mean that she is the hero of my world, and I do not mean the whole world. Every year, you are good, heroine of Mahmoud Hamida’s world.”

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Hamida recently participated in the movie “Ritsa”, written by Moataz Fatiha, directed by Ahmed Yousry, and co-starring Ahmed El-Fishawy and Aisha Bin Ahmed, and its events revolve around 3 different love stories.