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With a sarcastic video .. Mohamed Ramadan returns to provoke Amr Adib

With a sarcastic video .. Mohamed Ramadan returns to provoke Amr Adib

It seems that the crisis of the Egyptian artist, Mohamed Ramadan, with the media, Amr Adib, will not stop or end at least in the near future, as only one episode has passed since Adib returned to his program after the holiday, until the crisis erupted between them.

After Adeeb spoke in part of his episode about Muhammad Ramadan and his position that angered the Lebanese, when he took pictures on the ruins of the port of Beirut, and criticized the young actor’s such behavior, Ramadan’s response was ridiculous in his own way, which he did a lot in this crisis.

He posted a video clip on his official accounts on social media, and Ramadan used in the video a clip from Amr Adib’s episode, which was shown on Friday evening.

In it, he was talking about Muhammad Ramadan and saying, “Why does he do this?” After that, Adeeb stammered in some words during his conversation, to stop at the letter “waw”.

usual method

So that Adeeb’s voice and image are cut off from the video, and Muhammad Ramadan appears in a scene from one of his films, slapping another actor in the head, and Ramadan used part of Abdel Halim Hafez’s song, which says, “And again, again, again. Ramadan is beating.

The video shows a clear mockery of Ramadan towards the Egyptian media, and indicates that the dispute will renew whenever Amr Adib talks about it in his program.

disagreement renewed

Despite the fact that the dispute did not stop at the limit of the program only, but extended to the courts, and Ramadan previously received a ruling to fine Amr Adeeb, while the latter is waiting for the judiciary to do justice to the actor.

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Although the crisis has continued for months, no party has intervened in order to mediate between them, and to end the dispute amicably away from the corridors and courtyards.