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With "decapitation", America is preparing to "anger" the North Korean leader

With “decapitation”, America is preparing to “anger” the North Korean leader

The American “The Daily Beast” website stated that US forces South Korea will carry out what the military describes as a “kill chain”, targeting missiles and nuclear sites in the north, as well as bases for refueling and rearmament.

He added, quoting informed sources, that the maneuvers will culminate in the “Beheading” exercise, where the forces will train to “invade the command structure in North Korea and get rid of leader Kim Jong Un.”

He continued, “Although they are just exercises, it is certain that Kim will take them personally as he did in September 2017, when he ordered the sixth nuclear tests after similar maneuvers between Washington Seoul”.

“Beheading is a mission to target or kill a high-value target…if you get the commander of the military (which is Kim Jong-unTheoretically, you got the head of the snake.”

The US Defense Secretary agreed Lloyd Austin And his South Korean counterpart, Lee Jong-sup, last weekend, conducted the military exercises for the first time since former US President Donald Trump canceled them. Trump Right after his summit with Kim V Singapore in June 2018.

The exercises, which will begin this month, are known as “Ulchi Freedom Shield”, which is named after General Ulchi Mundeok, the commander-in-chief of the Goguryeo Army, who defeated the “Chinese invaders”.

These military exercises come in the midst of a diplomatic crisis between Beijing and Washington, after the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan.

North Korea criticized the visit, describing it as “brazen interference” by the United States in China’s internal affairs.

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A spokesman for the North Korean Foreign Ministry said: Pyongyang It will “fully support” Beijing’s position, blaming Washington for raising tensions in the region.

and arrived Pelosi to Taiwan late Tuesday, becoming the highest-ranking US official-elect to visit Taiwan in 25 years China Her visit was a “big provocation”.