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With documents.. conflict within K and the Football Association's recognition of his mistake

With documents.. conflict within K and the Football Association’s recognition of his mistake

The match between Al-Ahly and Morocco’s Wydad, scheduled for May 30 in the final of the African Champions League, is witnessing a crisis, due to the match being held at the Mohammed V complex in Casablanca, amid an objection from Al-Ahly Club for not holding the final match on a neutral stadium.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) announced that the match would be held in Morocco, explaining that Egypt did not submit a request to organize the final match, while only Morocco and Senegal submitted a request, after excluding the Nigeria and South Africa files for not meeting the requirements.

The responsibility of the Egyptian Football Association

The Confederation of African Football sent “CAF” to the local federations on January 19, to apply to host the final matches of 7 tournaments organized by CAF, including the final of the African Champions League, and allowed a period of time to progress until the end of February 2022.

Jamal Allam’s list assumed the responsibility of managing the Football Association on January 5, 2022, and the continued appointment of Walid Al-Attar as Executive Director of the Football Association.

Al-Attar said in televised statements via Ontime Sports on Friday, May 13: “It is assumed that the club that entered the tournament knows from the beginning the tournament system and the final match on one stadium, and not going back and forth. I think it was an unintended thing,” adding: “Al-Ahly addresses CAF is through the Egyptian Football Association, and is not directly requested by the Confederation of African Football.

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Al-Attar responded by not addressing the clubs to host the final matches, starting from the sixth minute.

Egypt only asked for the Confederation… enough to reveal more details about the Champions Final stadium

inconsistency start

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) decided in July 2019 after the final crisis of the Tunisian Esperance and Moroccan Wydad, to hold the final match of one match on a neutral stadium.

And the following “CAF” document stated: “The executive office of CAF decided, after what happened in the face of Wydad and Esperance, to hold the final match of one match on a (neutral stadium), and to give instructions to sufficient management to prepare the conditions and call for applications to host the final of African club competitions.”

The final match between Esperance and Wydad was stopped for an hour after a goal was canceled for Wydad in the second half, while the video technology “VAR” was disrupted, and the result at the time indicated that Esperance advanced with a clean goal, after a draw in Morocco with a goal for each team.

At that time, Kef decided to replay the match, before the Sports Court “Cas” decided to cancel the decision to replay the match and approve the coronation of Esperance of Tunisia in the African Champions League.

Kef Crisis

CAF has opened the door for applications to receive requests from clubs that wish to host the final match in January 2022 before the start of the group stage.

CAF officially announced Morocco’s hosting of the Champions League final on May 9, 2022, after the semi-final first leg match, which resulted in the victory of Moroccan Wydad against Petro Atletico of Angola at the latter’s stadium, 3-1.

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The major crisis for the African Union came with the announcement of the stadium hosting the Champions League final in May, after the Champions League semi-final first leg, more than two months after the nomination was closed.

CAF had announced that it would host the Mohammed V complex for the last season’s edition 2020-2021, after the first leg of the quarter-finals in mid-May, at which time Wydad had achieved a 1-1 away draw with Mouloudia Algiers, before winning the second leg with a clean goal.

Current final slate

Despite what was stipulated by a sufficient decision in July 2019, the CAF regulations for the final match in Article 28 stipulated that the final shall be played in a single match in a country selected by the CAF, from a 2 x 45 minute match, an overtime of 2 x 15 minutes at the end of the tie after regular time, but if the result after extra time is inconclusive, the winner will be determined by taking kicks from the penalty mark.

Al-Ahly closed the curtain on the crisis of the final match by announcing that it would play the final in any stadium. View the details of Al-Ahly’s statement by clicking here