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With lithium metal batteries, it will be possible to charge electric cars within 10 minutes.  Theoretically -

With lithium metal batteries, it will be possible to charge electric cars within 10 minutes. Theoretically –

Most of today’s electronic devices rely on lithium-ion batteries. You can find it in smartphones, wireless smart home products, and electric cars. Despite all its revolutionary advantages, this type of battery has one inherent flaw: the manifolds.

Bravery They are thin fibers that form on the electrode during chemical processes. They weaken the parameters of the battery, and if they swell between the electrodes, they can cause a short circuit and subsequent fire. This phenomenon ultimately shortens the life of lithium ion batteries and leaves much room for improvement.

Lithium metal batteries

So the researchers focused on studying the formation of lithium ramifications to learn how to make better batteries with longer life. Experts from Harvard University are calling nowThey found the answer in the form Lithium metal batteries.

Instead of lithium ions, it uses a solid metallic material that eliminates the annoying dendrites and provides greater structural stability than a battery composed of liquid or graphite materials.

They compare new battery technology to a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich: “Our multi-layered construction has a less stable electrolyte structure sandwiched between more stable solid electrolytes, preventing the growth of lithium ramifications,” the researchers said in a study. It has been published in Nature.

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Scientists likened the new battery technology to a sandwich

Making batteries mostly solid materials helps prevent ditches in more ways than one. According to scientists, the structure goes further, because it chemically takes into account potential cracks by “dynamically generated decomposition”, which fills and Stop possible bifurcations.

The ideal solution for the ideal world

What will change when we move from lithium ion batteries to lithium metal batteries? The new batteries are lighter, more powerful, and have a longer life … in an ideal world. Unfortunately, when scientists have experimented with metallic lithium batteries in the past, they appeared to be extremely unstable and often explode. Therefore, they have long sought to stabilize it and release a viable commercial version.

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Thanks to lithium metal batteries, it will be possible to charge electric cars within 10 minutes

Reducing or eliminating the formation of dendrites is essential for this design, as eliminating the phenomenon affecting battery life greatly reduces any negative consequences. Harvard scientists tested their battery in 10,000 charge cycles And they found their determination worked even after this difficult test It maintained 82% capacity.

In a press release, they stated: “This battery technology can extend the life of electric cars to the level of gasoline-powered cars – that is, from 10 to 15 years – without the need to replace batteries. Thanks to its high density, the battery can prepare the ground for electric cars, which can be fully charged Within 10 to 20 minutes. “