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With NASA's attempts... Why has interest in the moon returned after decades?

With NASA’s attempts… Why has interest in the moon returned after decades?

And it seems that the world is about to change, as you plan United State to bring people back to the moon By 2025 and establishing a permanent base there, add to that the plans of China and other countries, not to mention the deluge of robotic missions to the moon.

This comes at a time when the new attempt to launch a missile has become NASA The giant to the moon, scheduled for implementation Tuesday within the “Artemis 1” program, is threatened by a storm forming in the Caribbean.

Postponing the launch date of the rocket will constitute a severe blow to NASA, which previously faced two problems that prevented it from launching its new rocket towards the moon.

The unmanned mission hopes to test the new SLS missile, as well as an unmanned Orion capsule on its head, in preparation for future manned flights to the moon.

This trip to the moon is the first of its kind in more than 50 years since the “Apollo” trip, and it falls within the beginning of the United States’ return to the moon, which may later allow humanity to reach Mars.

Why has interest returned?

According to the New York Times, NASA officials are currently arguing that lunar missions are central to the human spaceflight program and not just a repeat of the Apollo moon landings from 1969 to 1972.

In this regard, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said at a press conference, “It is a future in which NASA will land the first woman and first person of color on the moon, and in these increasingly complex missions, astronauts will live and work in deep space and advance science and technology. to send the first humans to Mars.

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This is a change from 2010, when former US President Barack Obama gave a speech at the site where Americans launched to the moon and said that NASA should aim for more ambitious destinations such as asteroids and Mars and moving beyond the moon.

These test flights will demonstrate the capabilities we need to land the first woman and second man on the moon by 2024 and enable sustainable missions for decades to come, said Artemis mission chief Mike Sarafin.

In addition to the mission’s function as a basis for testing technologies needed for a much longer trip to Mars, NASA also hopes to launch companies looking to establish a stable base for transporting scientific equipment and other payloads to the Moon, and to inspire students to enter the fields of science and engineering.

“We’re exploring because it’s part of our nature,” says the NASA administrator.

NASA is not alone

And NASA is not the only one who wants to go to the moon these days. In recent years, China has successfully landed 3 robotic missions on the moon’s surface, and India and a non-profit organization sent landers in 2019.

And the political conflict between China and the United States has moved from Earth to space, as the director of NASA believes that the expansion of China’s space ambitions, which includes a lunar base, has also provided impetus to the current “Artemis” program, adding: “We should be concerned that they will say: This is our region.” special”.

“As scientists, we understand that the moon is somewhat of a Rosetta stone, as it is the best place in the solar system to study the origin and evolution of planets in the solar system,” says David Kring, of the Moon and Planetary Institute. With attempts, scientists have discovered that the moon is not as dry as they thought.

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However, ESA’s Director of Human and Robotic Explorations, David Parker, believes one reason for this shift is that the exploitation of the Moon has simply reached a stage that mirrors earlier explorations on Earth. Earth.

Parker explained to the British Guardian newspaper, that the timetable for exploring Antarctica mirrors the timetable for exploring the moon in a very close way, adding: “At the beginning of the century, there was a race to reach the South Pole and then no one went back for 50 years, just like The moon in the 1960s. Then we started building bases in Antarctica. We are now approaching that stage with our exploitation of the moon.”

Base for every space interest

Regarding the global interest in returning to the moon, the former head of the astronomy department at the Astronomical and Geophysical Research Institute in Egypt, Ashraf Tadros, says that there is an increasing global interest in lunar flights, which will be a stable base for all space interests in the coming decades, which represents strategic and political importance and an area of ​​competition between the great powers.

Tadros explained to Sky News Arabia that interest in the moon has been around for a long time, but the cost factor of lunar flights and back had a significant impact on the number of flights, as the Apollo flights in the late sixties cost billions of dollars.

He pointed out that major countries such as the United States, Russia, China and India have great interests in return trips to the moon, and whoever places a base on the moon will have more international influence on the world.

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