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With the economy in shambles, Britain elects a rowdy Prime Minister

Truss’s allies say the election race showcased his ability to target the right people, and he has long been largely underrated because of his past rhetoric on social media.

To increase its influence

Truss used her position as secretary of state for international trade in Johnson’s cabinet to cast herself as a Brexit champion, and she promoted the idea using Instagram posts with images of the British flag flying around the world. This was supported by the grassroots preference in the Conservative Party for him to contest with Rishi Sunak. His continued support for Johnson also strengthened his position as he was in government at the same time Sunak resigned as finance minister.

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Jo Tanner, a political analyst who advised Johnson when she became mayor of London, said in an interview: “Truss knows how to win over the grassroots, and she knows what that grassroots wants. She’s doing what people have been asking her to do for years and summers herself.”

Truss’s political career was also full of contradictions, suggesting that he could adjust his approach if necessary. He campaigned for Britain to stay in the EU, and when the referendum went the other way he accepted “Brexit”.

He was taken to participate in protests against Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government in the 1980s, before going on to lead the Liberal Democratic League at the University of Oxford, then torching the conservative right.