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With the lost Czech race, he wants to save the home by partition. But changes could come after the elections

esk pota struggling with losses. I have to divide it into two in profit.
Author: Archives HN Milan Bure

After years of debate, the ministry introduced the way it wanted to change race. The Administration Department intends to split the company into two separate companies. The branch, now overdue, will be managed by a state-owned company to carry out the services the state requires, including the delivery of letter-post materials. This type will devote itself to commercial services, among which the transfer of spots is dominant. The changes aim to boost the competitiveness of long-term loss of sweat. He will definitely decide on the full situation and after the elections. And now his criticism is emerging in the opposition circles.

According to Interior Minister Jan Hamk (SSD), there will be no layoffs, no separation or privatization of a race. “It is unique with branches of Czech race and we know that race activity takes place mainly in small towns and villages. That is why we want to preserve it. Race cannot complete itself.” The fact that mate vitek occurs has not changed much for practitioners. .

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