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Egypt is witnessing a rare astronomical phenomenon .. Look at the sky at night!

With the moon’s six women.. Kinda Alloush accompanied by Laila Elwi via Instagram

Actress Kinda Alloush published a new photo through her account on the social networking site Instagram.

Kinda Alloush appeared with Laila Elwi and commented: With six women and the moon.

Actress Kinda Alloush confirmed that she and the makers of the film “Exodus” tried to convey the painful Syrian reality to the world in a light and non-tragic way, stressing the great understanding she had with the work team.

Kinda expressed her great happiness that the Red Sea International Film Festival is witnessing the first Arab film in the competition of the second session, and she is eager to know the reactions of the Saudi audience.

Exodus movie
The feature film Exodus, directed by Soudad Kaadan and star Kinda Alloush, won two awards during the closing ceremony of the 79th edition of the Venice International Film Festival.

The film Exodus, which witnessed its world premiere in the Orizzonti Extra competition, won the Audience Award presented by the Armani Company, the official sponsor of the festival, to become the first Arab film to receive it, and the Lanterna Magica Award granted by the Chinichirkoli National Social and Cultural Youth Association, thus bringing the director Soudade Kaadan three awards. From the Venice Film Festival, where her previous film, The Day I Lost My Shadow, won the Lion of the Future award.

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