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Within two years, a 100% Egyptian satellite will be established

Within two years, a 100% Egyptian satellite will be established

Dr. Ayman Mahmoud, a board member of the Egyptian Space Agency, said that the use of space technology is the near future, and there is a need to employ space technology to achieve our goals.

Ayman Mahmoud added, in statements to the “Confrontation” program, broadcast on the Extra News channel, that space applications provide all the necessary information for security goals, sustainable development goals, and serving the Egyptian coasts and borders, noting that there is political awareness in the field of space, which is an unprecedented awareness, as there was no awareness in the field of space. space over the past decades.

A member of the board of directors of the Egyptian Space Agency stressed that during the recent period, the space system received great support from President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, which represents the awareness of the political leadership for space technology applications, which achieve its long-term goals.

Mahmoud revealed that Egypt has huge industrial capabilities that enable it to create a 100% Egyptian satellite. Egypt has highly qualified scientists and engineers, and we are trying to organize efforts so that we have capabilities and expertise to develop space systems in Egypt, adding that the satellite will be needed in an initiative. A decent life and the development of villages, where the satellites will provide images to serve the initiative of a decent life, pointing out that the satellite will be manufactured and launched within two years, and this represents a great challenge.

He continued, “Space applications are not only satellites, but the reception and analysis of satellite data and how we use that data to provide sustainable solutions that solve problems and give great effectiveness at the level of individuals, organizations and countries as a whole.”