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Within two years of closing, e-stores have fired their doors without being held accountable. You hold this year too

Because of the dramatic development of inflation and some of the economic repercussions, the wolves in Ukraine cannot anticipate these optimistic vulnerabilities. If the situation does not change significantly, let’s say the online store will improve in percentage units over the course of the year, Shoptet CEO Samuel Hub.

According to Huba, e-commerce still has a high potential for growth. Realize that online commerce only accounts for about 14 percent of all retail sales. So there’s room for growth for many years to come, add.

Two years ago, there was a massive shift in commerce and consumer business, and as a result of the pandemic, the reason for the sweating was online commerce and sales.

APEK confirmed the overall growth of e-commerce during the pandemic, which includes more than 600 entities and companies. The past two years have been quite exceptional from a consumer breeding and buying point of view. Last year, among other things, they broke the magic limit of two hundred billion crowns in sales of purchased goods for the first time. During the pandemic, the total number of online stores has also increased, led by APEK Director Jan Vetyka.

According to owner Heurek, the online store has been added since 2019
9 percent of the current 50985.

From perfume to cards

Ostrava’s upgrades also underscore this interest; Since 2019, the number of websites using its platform has more than tripled to currently 1,300.

The shutdown was a test for business, but most Czech merchants moved to a new e-commerce environment in time. Therefore, more than 80 percent of new online stores created in our country continue to operate, adds UpgatesMartin Pech, Director of Sales.

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Another example is the crack of fresh fish seller Blue Fjord, who had to sell it online during the lockdown. He has proven himself, also the online store company. However, she did not create it.

The Beavia brand, which produces chickpeas, chickpea spreads and Korean kvaen salt and supplies its products to more than 700 stores, including retail chains throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and neighboring countries, has been used in e-commerce for a long time.

Meziron has tripled its production volume since last year, and in the dark, sales and online stores are very popular. Between 2020 and 2021 alone, we saw a one hundred percent multidisciplinary online ordering race, to the founder and CEO of Beaviatpn Hoda

QR cards suck when iDOcards were created and during shutdown. Thanks to online sales, they immediately took possession and countries began to use it at home throughout the Czech Republic.Now the owner of the company has ambitions to succeed with the method of education abroad.

For husband and wife Michael and Luke Coeur, perfume stores were created with the impulse to try something completely new. We got drunk with the idea of ​​a card game in which people are happy to rest not only during lockdown. We started selling an online store and thanks to our partner, we are now working on versions for overseas markets, says Michaela Koerov, co-creator of the game Time for Joke.