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Without human intervention.. machines extract civil status documents and forms for citizens

Without human intervention.. machines extract civil status documents and forms for citizens

A major development in the civil status sector at the Ministry of Interior, in order to ease the burdens on citizens, in the new republic, based on the directives of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior.

In this context, it has become possible to extract a large number of documents in the civil status without human intervention, as the citizen deals with machines that extract a number of documents and pays fees for them without human interaction.

Citizens can extract a number of documents through these machines, including birth certificates and family records, and pay the fees for them directly.

These machines operate until nine in the evening daily at the Civil Status headquarters in Abbasiya, and are scheduled to be circulated later.

The civil status sector is witnessing a real development revolution, as it allows the citizen to obtain services easily and conveniently, based on the directives of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of Interior, by easing the burdens on citizens and providing services in a civilized manner befitting the citizen..

The Civil Status Sector, headed by Major General Tariq Saber, Assistant Minister of the Interior, introduced a number of new services, and the citizen began to obtain the service within a few minutes, and the era of waiting for the service for several days ended, in the time of digital transformation, but rather services moved to citizens to their homes, and this development contributed to creating A state of satisfaction among the citizens, who expressed their approval of the new services and the rapid development of the service police sites.

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The Ministry of the Interior pays special attention to the “human security” file by directing medical convoys to treat citizens in villages and hamlets in all governorates and dispensing medicines for them free of charge, in addition to directing missions to issue national identification cards for citizens in their homes, especially the elderly, people with special needs and the sick, so that they do not They incur any hardship, while providing special places for the owners of special cases in the service police sites “traffic, civil status, passports, and work permits”, and moving medical and food aid to villages to target the simple and providing them with food commodities for free, as a kind of alleviating the burdens on their shoulders.

In continuation of the approach of the Ministry of the Interior in humanitarian work, the “We are all one” initiative came in all its stages to restore the smile on the faces of the Egyptians, by providing food to citizens at reduced prices in street boxes and through moving cars loaded with food, so as not to leave them prey to the greed of some merchants, while providing food commodities. At discounted prices in the Ministry’s Aman outlets, which are characterized by quality and low prices.

A meeting of Major General Mahmoud Tawfiq, Minister of the Interior, is not without stressing the importance of respecting human rights values ​​and preserving his dignity, extending a helping hand to citizens and always working for their comfort..