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Without immigrants, the EU economy will always be paralyzed

Without immigrants, the EU economy will always be paralyzed

According to a report released by the Global Development Center, Africa’s population aged 20-64 is expected to grow from 534 million to 1.3 billion between 2015-2050, but over the same period and in the absence of immigrants, Europe’s aging population will decline. 20 and 64 years are more than 100 million.

Charles Kenny, the author of the report and an American economist, told Sky News Arabia that the reasons for the shortage were due to a number of factors.

“The crisis is caused by two main things: first, it means that Europeans are healthier, that is, longer-lived and more retired. Second, lower birth rates mean fewer future workers,” he says.

Explaining the impact of these two factors on the European economy, the economist explains, “Retirement and additional retirement increase government spending. older people starting new companies and innovations to create or to conduct innovative research that has little chance. “

The report’s author argues that European policies aimed at increasing birth rates have had “very little impact” and that raising the retirement age is “ineffective”, and that there is no evidence that robots and artificial intelligence reduce the overall need for jobs, despite the imposition of the principle of equal opportunity. Encouraging women to work is “not enough”. So the obvious solution to avoid the effects of population aging is to “return to immigration” to reduce the gap.

The solution is on the neighboring continent

In this regard, Charles Kenny described Europe as “a clear partner in the geographical proximity of the continent, its proficiency in English and French, its youth – the average age at 19 years, according to United Nations figures, as of 2019 – and the struggle of the continent for young people to find a job” With whom to cooperate.

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However, the report warns of the consequences of negative political attitudes against immigrants, indicating that only 4 percent of the workforce in Africa will migrate to higher-income countries by 2050, and that only one in four immigrants will return. EU or United Kingdom from Africa.

So Charles Kenny of the Global Development Center says, “I think it’s important to think of immigrants not only as a resource but also as a people.

The Global Development Center also recommends opening universities for foreign students, developing training partnerships for potential immigrants, or accepting more refugees and then creating networks to attract more immigrants.

The report concludes by saying that “European politicians must stop using immigrants as sacrifices or for political influence, and that Europeans must begin to recognize the need for Africans, as they always did.”