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Without psychopaths, fundamentalists, and extremists, the Green Party would be very successful today

MArtin Borsik no longer wants to return to politics, although, he says, he wishes time now for the “then-Green Party”. As an analyst, he is now fully involved in the development of renewable energy sources, now also participating as Chairman of the European Union Renewable Energy Board, based in Brussels. At the same time, it deals with its development in the Czech Republic and in Prague, which are several ambitious projects. “I enjoyed politics, but it also took a lot of energy. In the end, there came a period when I was basically destroyed by members of my party. I don’t want to repeat that,” he recalls in an interview with HN Bursík.

HN: You were recently elected New CEO European Union for Renewable Energy (European Renewable Energy Federation, EREF). Czechia lags far behind in renewables, wasn’t that a hindrance to you? What did you gain in Europe?

Yes, in the environment of people touting renewables, there is a barrier to being from a country that holds back decarbonization, and has not yet set a date for coal and lobbies to classify fossil gas. On the other hand, my colleagues from Western Europe have known me for a long time and know that I am of a different paste and what I have behind. I met some of them as early as 1998, when I was the first environment minister, and they know me from the Czech Presidency of the European Council in 2009, when I negotiated a climate agreement with the world’s largest economies on behalf of the European Union.

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