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بدون خجل ولا حياء.. فتاتان سعوديتان  تنافسن في وصلة رقص بطريقة  قوية  ومتابع : كسحت صافيناز و سما المصري

Without shame or modesty.. Two Saudi girls compete in a strong dance link and follower: Safinaz and Sama Al-Masry swept

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the Arab countries that is concerned with the traditions and moral customs that we know about the society, which includes the purest spot on the face of the earth that preserves its traditions and customs, but what we see in Saudi Arabia from outside cases in recent times because of what they do and what they watch and what has entered them from the things It was not in Saudi society, especially women.
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The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the most conservative countries in the Middle East in terms of customs and traditions, but for a long time we have been finding things that contradict our widespread customs and traditions.

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It seems that the Saudi youth generation is not satisfied with coexisting with the way their parents and grandparents live, so they want to open up to the new world and change their habits, and they want to do as other peoples do, who encourage openness, nudity, and mixed genders, and this was not accustomed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

In Saudi society, everything is now from models, festivals and noisy parties in the Arab country, the first that cares about customs, traditions and the Islamic religion, and we are now on a date with something new, and it is only a live video where we dance in a very exciting way and do some movements with each other inside their home.

And based on the way they dance in oriental dance, some of them commented: We love to dance and we want to do what we want, and no one wants to restrict our freedom and we do not do anything that violates customs and traditions.