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Without the knowledge of the Yemeni government, Sultan bin Khalifa visits Socotra at the head of a high-ranking intelligence delegation

Without the knowledge of the Yemeni government, Sultan bin Khalifa visits Socotra at the head of a high-ranking intelligence delegation

Without the knowledge of the Yemeni government, Sultan bin Khalifa visits Socotra at the head of a high-ranking intelligence delegation

Yemeni activists revealed, on social networking sites “Twitter”, a visit by Sultan bin Khalifa bin Zayed to the Yemeni island of Socotra archipelago, without the knowledge or approval of the internationally recognized legitimate Yemeni government.

A Yemeni activist in Socotra said that Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa arrived at Socotra Airport on board the largest royal plane with a number of Abu Dhabi intelligence officials.

A picture circulating on the communication sites showed Sheikh Sultan bin Khalifa, accompanied by a large number of Emirati officials, and a large private plane at Socotra Airport, along with a number of islanders.

Observers questioned the reason for this visit to Socotra, especially as it comes days after a television documentary revealed Abu Dhabi’s early ambitions on this Yemeni island.

The “Detective” program, prepared by the Yemeni producer Jamal Al-Maliky working for the Qatari channel Al-Jazeera, revealed, with documents, private photos and certificates, the plans and steps for intervention and control of the UAE and its arms, on the vital sectors in the Yemeni Socotra archipelago, and tracking – for more than a year – the details of what is happening in the archipelago.

The investigator examined how groups of tourists arrived on the Yemeni island, which is outside the authority of the legitimate government, after the control of armed militias affiliated with the UAE-backed Transitional Council.

The “Detective” hired a person who claimed to be a tourist, who was able to reach the company that tours the island, which asked the “virtual tourist” to travel to Abu Dhabi in order to go to the Yemeni archipelago.

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The organizing company confirmed that visas to Socotra are not granted through Yemeni embassies abroad, but through special visas from the administration of the island, in particular from the ruling authorities there.

The governor of Socotra Island, affiliated with the legitimate government, Ramzi Mahrous, revealed that two hours after his appointment to his position, about 14 military and security officers and commanders submitted their resignations to him, and it later became clear to him that the Emirati delegates on the island were behind these resignations, in addition to mobilizing demonstrations and sit-ins calling for the governor’s departure.

He added that Abu Dhabi is working to undermine the local authority on the island because it does not follow it, revealing an Emirati request that violates Yemeni law to hand over the governor of the port and airport to the Emirati forces in order to develop them, but he asked them to return to the Yemeni government and the legitimate Yemeni president, which angered them, stressing that the works were launched In the construction of two military bases, west and south of the island, by the Transitional Council militia.

The detective was able to obtain private photos of the work taking place on the island of Socotra, and the program’s creator, Jamal Al-Maliky, examined the ambitions surrounding it and when it began. He revealed secret documents from the Emirati embassy in Sana’a, dating back to 1997, which was a report that talks about the strategic importance of the island, its wealth and international ambitions. In which.

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The program also revealed another document of the Abu Dhabi Embassy dating back to 2007, calling for taking advantage of the island’s natural potential in many possible investment fields. The report attached to the document dealt with detailed information about the island that includes many aspects. In another document, it revealed a field visit to the Emirates Red Crescent.

Socotra sheikh Issa al-Saqtri recounted a strange incident that occurred in 2018, when a delegation from the legitimate Yemeni government visited the island. The official Yemeni delegation was surprised by a question from Emirati delegates: “What do you have in Socotra?”

In June 2020, the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council forces took control of Socotra, removed all manifestations of the legitimate government, and replaced the flags of the Republic of Yemen with the flags of the Transitional Council. Video clips of the meetings of the Transitional Council in Socotra showed a discussion of sending the island’s youth to the UAE to receive military and security training.

The detective also revealed, through special scenes, that the Emirates turned the island into a large camp armed with weapons, fighters and militia brought in by the Emirates, in a procedure that violates the sanctity of the island, which is listed among the world’s natural reserves.

Saad Ali, Director General of the Socotra Island Customs Office, confirmed that the UAE has been intransigent in disclosing the cargoes of ships arriving on the island since June 2020 with large loads, and its refusal to inspect them or take the legal steps taken, and the militia ruling the island has dismissed the island’s port manager and replaced him with another loyal to them.

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