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Witness- He asked for a “selfie” photo, so he paid it.. This is what happened between Ronaldo and a member of the technical staff of the Gulf team | sports

The behavior of the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, the Saudi Al-Nasr striker, with a member of the coaching staff of the Gulf team, sparked widespread controversy on social media.

Yesterday, Monday, Al-Nasr fell into a positive 1-1 draw trap in front of its guest, Al-Khaleej, in the 26th round of the Saudi League.

And “Al-Alamy” settled for one point, which reached 57 points, to move away from Al-Ittihad Jeddah, the leaders of the Saudi League, by 5 points, 4 matches before the end of the season.

After the match, a video clip spread showing the Portuguese star mediating a number of Gulf players and his coaching staff who wanted to shake hands with him, and apparently they tried to get his shirt.

According to the video, one of the players managed to get the shirt, but Cristiano was annoyed by a member of the Gulf coaching staff who tried to take a “selfie” with him.

The man approached Ronaldo, and it was only from the “Don” that he pushed him away from him, and signs of anger and distress appeared on his features.

The fans’ reactions varied about Ronaldo’s behavior, some of them criticized Cristiano, and others did not like the approach of the Gulf players and his coaching staff in this way to Ronaldo.

One of the observers commented, “Natural reaction from Ronaldo. Looks neutral and upset. What time is filming and gathering?” Another added: “Grow up. You are players and he is a player, especially on the field. You are a competitor.” The reputation of the Saudi league.

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Some of the comments were not devoid of sarcasm, and one of them wrote: “They beat him (play with him roughly) on the field, then come to take his shirt.”

At the same time, others expressed their dissatisfaction with what happened to Cristiano, and one of them wrote: “An arrogant and finished player”, “Why is he pushing him? Where is the respect?”, “Is this the mentality of a professional player?”

During the match, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal that was ruled out by the assistant referee for offside, a decision confirmed by the video assistant referee (VAR) technique.