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شاهد: معتصم النهار يفاجئ جمهوره بآخر إجراء إتخذه

Witness: Moatasem Al-Nahar surprises his fans with the latest measure he took

Syrian artist Mutasem Al-Nahar caused a sensation after surprising his fans by adding a new description of his name through his personal account on the photo-sharing application (Instagram), where he added the title “Abu Sandra” in reference to his only daughter, “Sandra”.

And a large number of Mutasim’s followers guessed Mutasim’s desire to confirm what he and his ex-wife, Lin Bringkji, have in common, their daughter Sandra. .

Mutasim had previously talked about the issue of his separation, during which he was a guest on the “Hala Bek” program and said: “I have no doubts about the decision that I took, but I did not prefer it.” “.

And Mutasem Al-Nahar added in his speech: “We reached a tired place for me and her, so we made the decision at that time. I tried to reconcile between work and my personal life.”

Mutasim was a guest with Karis Bashar on the “Ramadan Nights” program, where they talked about their first acquaintance and the atmosphere of Ramadan in Syria. Mutasim also excelled in imitating a number of Syrian stars, including Jamal Suleiman, Abed Fahd, Basil Khayat and others.

Moatasem Al-Nahar was absent from the current Ramadan drama season after postponing the show of the series “Beirut 303”, which brings together stars Abed Fahd and Salafa Mimar, where the work is scheduled to be shown during the coming period.

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