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شاهد: أقدم حيوان على وجه الأرض في منطقة نائية لم يصلها البشر

Witness: The oldest animal on earth in a remote area that humans have not reached

Scientists were able to record a new discovery that sheds light on one of the mysterious time periods of planet Earth, where life first appeared in our little blue world.

And most of the scientific studies indicated that the planet Earth witnessed a turning point in its face and nature forever about 541 million years ago, an era that scientists call the “Cambrian Age”, according to (Sputnik in Arabic).

The Great Metamorphosis of the Cambrian led to the emergence of almost all major groups of animals, and this age lasted about 25 million years (other studies say 55 million years) and led to the divergence and diversity of the manifestations and forms of life as we know it.

Before this era, life on Earth was limited to a very simple and small group, where single-celled creatures or multicellular microorganisms lived, according to scientists’ expectations.

And scientists found some evidence of animal life before the Cambrian period in particular, scientists confirmed that some sponges (non-moving aquatic animals) had appeared before this age.

According to the new study, published under the title (fossil similar to a sponge could be the oldest animal known on Earth), the first sponges appeared 350 million years ago from the Cambrian period, or perhaps 890 million years ago, meaning it is much older than it.

Study author Elizabeth Turner said: ‘If I’m right, the animals appeared long before traditional animal fossils, this means that there is a deep history of animals that have not been well preserved in fossils.

In a very remote area that can only be reached by helicopter, Turner discovered animals that resemble some species of modern sponges known as “keratose demosponges”.

The researchers dated the layer of rock in which these sponge fossils were found, a powerful analysis tool that leaves very little room for error about the age of the fossils, and the sponges are very visible in the fossils unearthed.

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