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Wolves bohatch star. Bezos and Musk talk about who got the hunter to master

Blue Origin representatives filed a complaint with the US GAO (Government Accountability Office) on Monday. According to a total of 50 pages of protest, the letter was the first to report it New York timesFirst, NASA did not evaluate the benefits of Blue Origin’s proposal, and, on the contrary, underestimated the technical complexities of a competitive offer from SpaceX.

Japan, along with satellites of wood, will help get rid of space debris

For example, it is not a tank in space. Bezos CEO Bob Smith said these types of errors are really unusual for NASA.

SpaceX won the contract worth $ 2.89 billion in the middle of this month. For the Air Force and the US Space Agency, Musk has assembled a lunar module to transport astronauts to MSc as part of the Artemis space program. The company has provided prototypes of the Starship spacecraft for this el, which it is now testing at the Texas Center.

Their development is accompanied by complications, the last time the unit tried to destroy it, it was destroyed. As NASA itself reported, they chose a big risk. Blue Origin representatives said their decision not only eliminates competition, but also warms the American return to MSC. CNBC.

Musk itself stnosti vysml

According to them, NASA adjusted its conditions at the last minute and focused much more on the costs than the original ones. Blue Origin’s proposal would cost around $ 6 billion, and it’s no more than twice what SpaceX has to offer.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk responded to Bezos’ business with a fake tweet. You can’t get it (on the runway) lol, he wrote in distress that the aerospace manufacturer Blue Origin had not yet developed enough to send some of its units to the runway.

In addition to Blue Origin and SpaceX, Dynetics has applied for a building module for NASA. Last year, NASA awarded those companies $ 967 million and ten major contracts to start work on unit formulas under the Human Landing Systems, or HLS program.

According to analysts, the fact that it eventually fell to only SpaceX is surprising, as it was important for the space agency to keep the program competitive. Five pilot assignments can be made to the MSc in 2024.