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Women do a great job in technical professions, commercial PR communications

Women working in technical or chemical fields were a fairly rare phenomenon a few years ago, but this is changing faster and faster. Evidence of this is, for example, the P&G Rakona factory in Rakovnik, where the proportion of women is 29%, and in the management of the plant it reaches 37%!

Procter & Gamble offers women a variety of opportunities that, with its suppliers and partners, create jobs for tens of thousands of women worldwide – 45% of the total 95,000 employees are women.

“Procter & Gamble addresses millions of women around the world with its products and arguably understands women because of that. We are pleased that it was emphasized during recruitment that women are not afraid of the tough work challenges our field brings with them and can solve them very well,” says Yvette Kroeble, Director of Communications company.

This was also demonstrated by Pavlína Pamánková, Capital Manager working in managing the project department for the production of fabric softeners and washing powders in Rakona. She summarizes her career path: “I started as a trainee in the washing powder production department. After a year, I moved to the position of project manager in the fabric softener packaging department. Over time, I also began to lead projects in the jars department and eventually in the production of jars and fabric softeners. By expanding my responsibilities to include capital management.” She adds what she enjoys in this work: “I have had and still have the opportunity to solve various projects, including introducing new initiatives. Then I see my results on store shelves. I learned a lot of new things about production and packaging technology. Advance multicultural teams And multidisciplinary and different perspectives on problem solving within projects. Every day is completely different and every day comes new challenges, tasks and experiences. I hate stereotypes and this job doesn’t really deliver. Plus, I lead a great team of people who enrich me. I am so happy to see them They are getting better in front of my eyes and I enjoy working as much as I do.”

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In addition to supporting its employees to reach their full potential, Procter & Gamble also launches offshore projects, such as Women4Business, which now operates in some European countries. Procter & Gamble recognizes that the effects of the coronary crisis are not felt equally by all and that women may bear the burden of the economic and social consequences disproportionately. Entrepreneurs have to deal with difficulties in both the economic sphere and the family. They often had to juggle administrative tasks with private and family responsibilities. As part of the Women4business project, Procter & Gamble decided to support and connect women entrepreneurs and help them build capacity, finance and new business opportunities.

Another initiative of P&G is the “Future Leader” initiative, which is carried out annually in لودód في, Poland, at Gillette’s largest plant and second largest IT centre. It enables technical students to gain first-hand experience useful in career planning in these areas, all under the guidance of P&G principals and experts. “I am delighted that women’s interest in careers in technology or production has increased in recent years. We see that our programmes, such as Future Leaders, are very useful. Participants appreciate the opportunity to get to know the factory from the inside, to explore its innovations, technologies and a culture based on diversity and inclusion. Thanks to these programs The proportion of women among our executives has nearly doubled in the past few years,” says Agneszka Adamus, director of human resources at Gillette in Lodzi.

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