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Women's Team Shines in Chess Olympiad

Women’s Team Shines in Chess Olympiad

Dubai (Etihad)
The delegation of our national men’s and women’s team continued its outstanding results in the 44th World Chess Olympiad, which is currently being held in Chennai, India, and will continue until August 10. Good results on the men’s level in the next rounds.
Kholoud Al-Zarouni, head of the mission, confirmed that the results so far are satisfactory at the level of women and men, and said: We aspire to better results in the coming rounds, and despite the loss of the women’s team against strong Azerbaijan in the first round, the team regained good results in the second round by defeating Cyprus 4- 0, then a tie in the third round with the Egyptian national team in a strong match and an Arab summit in the Olympics, then a win in the fourth round over Mozambique 4-0, and at the level of individual results, Maryam Issa scored 3 points from 3 matches and Al Serkal Kindergarten 3 points from 4 matches and Moza Al Mansouri achieved Two wins from 4 matches, Wafia Darwish won 3 matches and Aisha Sarhan won two matches, and the women’s team is ranked second in this category.
She added that all the male players are young and represent the future of Emirati chess, Ibrahim Sultan, Imran Al Hosani, Muhammad Saeed Al-Laili and Abdul Rahman Al-Taher, and the latter has achieved good results so far despite his young age, winning two matches out of 4 rounds.
At the level of the men’s team, he lost the first confrontation to India, one of the candidates to win the title, and in the second round he defeated Senegal 3-1, where the players Osman Musa, Mohamed Saeed and Abdul Rahman Al-Taher won, then the loss against Portugal and the victory over Madagascar in the fourth round.

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