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Work..a place of happiness

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Work is the place in which you achieve yourself and yourself, but it turns into a routine and a matter of habit if we decide to change its nature, form and function, if we consider it a place to spend time, without initiatives, without productivity, and without achievement.

The famous French writer, whose novels have been translated into most world languages, Victor Hugo, says: “We do not realize our truth except by what we can do.” Indeed, we will not be able to know our essence, depth, and ambitions except by what we achieve from a positive action in our lives, and this action is its natural place. In our workplace, where we spend about nine hours every day.

Steve Jobs, the famous Apple pioneer, said, “Your work is going to occupy a large part of your life, and the best way to satisfy yourself is to do what you think is great work.” You have the choice and the decision.

Work often gives us a beautiful flavor about life, and it also provides us with a deep meaning about this life, and instills in our souls feelings of achievement, that we are important, we have a voice, a place, and productivity in this world..

Therefore, I find it important to publish about the culture of work and the job, and to raise awareness that it is first a personal need for the individual himself, then it is a job to serve the entire community. And as our Noble Messenger, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: “God loves if one of you does a job that he does it well.”

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The culture of work and the job should be concerned in the first place with establishing that it is a responsibility that requires mastery, seriousness and honesty, and from mastery, seriousness and honesty, and that you go towards this job with diligence, enthusiasm and sincerity, and not waste working hours on personal tasks or delay in transactions. It is also important to develop yourself, It offers innovative and new solutions to your business tasks.

It is necessary to conjure a blessing to have the opportunity to be an employee, to work and to be productive.