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World Hockey U-20 Championship | A painful awakening. Raschka said he regretted that the tactics in the United States had not worked

Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

The players felt very sorry that they did not pursue the care on the ice, which surprised the Russians and in the end completely lost their hockey face. “Before the match, we told ourselves what we had to do before the match, but we weren’t able to make a good move all the time or apply a quick approach to our opponents,” said defender Radek Kucic.

The tactics seemed to only work in the first part. “I have to admit the opponent’s strength, but I didn’t see any major teams in the game until mid-game. Some breaks came too, but we couldn’t use them. Then the opponent took over. I have an opinion as to why this happened, but immediately before the referee under the impression of a defeat.” Great, I’ll keep it until the analysis, “said coach Karel Melnik.

Cruel sobriety from the 1920s Czechs. She won another award with seven goals

Kučeřík was sorry that the opponent had not managed to disturb the match. “Compared to the Russians, the Americans pushed into the attack zone faster, piled up more and pushed constantly into the gate, which caused problems for us. When we had to open the match more after the goals we had in the second half, we didn’t even want to play with just our bodies. If we went. To the late fights, a whistle will be fired immediately, ”said the Czech defender, who had the highest glacial time, when he spent about twenty minutes on the ice.

American Bobby Brink (24) cheered up, just defeating Czech goalkeeper Lucas Baek (1).

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Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

Thus, a more realistic picture of the level of the national team in this year’s tournament likely offers seven-goal defeats from the Swedes and the Americans more than just a scalp surprise from Russia. At the same time, the Czechs also had a defensive strategy in the United States, hoping to once again score goals from breaks or overtime. However, with his discipline, the opponent offered only one game at a numerical advantage, but he ruthlessly punished unnecessary mistakes in the final third.

The weakness did not go to the Czech youths at the premiere, and also on Tuesday afternoon local time, they both scored three goals. “We have said a tactic to stop the United States, but unfortunately it didn’t work.” Striker Adam Raschka said, “We can’t do a lot of mistakes and we have to try to play more on the puck.” In Five Goals for the Americans, Zigras (2 + 3), coined by Anaheim. , Who already dominated Canadian scoring with a 5 + 5 balance, he had fingers.