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World Hockey U-20 Championship | Melnik’s diabolical plan lays out a specific tactic for the United States as well. Only goalkeepers know who is following today

Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

Coach Karel Mlejnek wants to map out another demon plan for another favorite, which will work similarly to a young chorus, dug by the Czech defensive wall and patience while waiting for breaks. For the Americans, who gain any point with them practically guarantees that the Czech Republic will participate in the quarter-finals, but they come up with specific tactics.

“The game plan applied to the Russians cannot be transferred automatically. The Americans will be very different in attack, in the middle zone transition area and the concept of hockey in general. However, tactical preparation for them properly is essential, as well as following the chosen strategy for sixty minutes,” he reveals. the coach.

Wonderful win! Shocked the Czechs twenties in the World Cup Russia

He also appeals to his team’s discipline. It will be important to selflessly block the opponent’s shots, maintain a skating move with him on the skating rink, and withstand the personal fights and expected toughness of the USA. And he tried to control the emotions of the winners after the Russian scalp on Monday. “The mood in the team is professional, I would say business, and it was already clear to the players on Monday that everyone is focusing on the next duel,” suggests Milenek, who believes the right mindset matters as well.

Goalkeeper Lukacs Bacic backed the Czech Republic’s victory over the favorite from Russia with thirty successful tackles.

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Jason FransonAnd the ČTK / AP

Goalkeepers know what they are up to

According to the coach, the match that starts at 12.00 local time requires completely different preparations from the evening, as was the case with the Russians. “But it shouldn’t indicate what is happening on the ice or somehow affect the spread of the team,” says Melnik, who still keeps the group a secret against the Americans.

He doesn’t even want to discuss how overwhelmed Bachik is between his head and his flawless performance against Russia in terms of deploying more goalkeepers. “Goalkeepers already know what they’re up to, but I don’t see any reason to announce it prematurely. The fans will find out who will face the United States, right before the match,” says Melnik.

Unbelievable feeling. The Czech goalkeeper admitted that this was the most intense match for the Russians, after an impressive win

He doesn’t even consider the send-to-target dilemma today as fundamental. Lukacs Bacic was helped by the team to zero, but of course he reliably grabbed the ball on Sunday. But Nick Malick also performed well against the Swedes, “the coach suggests.

One hundred percent, however, is not insisting that the winning team’s formation does not change, even though Monday’s training did not indicate a big Rosada. “Striker Jaromir Petlik has not gone on the ice due to an injury to his lower body, but there is definitely a possibility that he will continue playing in the tournament. We are still discussing what the group looks like with the assistants,” explains the coach.

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